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Wonder what this 1990 Texas Pom girl (Michele Summerall) would think if you told her she would one day run a pom pom company and design poms for teams around the world. And her business would be on something called the internet, a platform which didn't even exist. Pretty sure her English-major brain would have exploded. One thing hasn't changed. In college, she loved being a part of a team, cheering people on, and helping others. Pretty much what she still does at getpoms.com.

Texas Pom 1990

University of Texas . Austin, TX

Michele Summerall

Michele Summerall

Founder & Creative Director . getpoms.com

Meet Michele

Michele Summerall lives in Dallas, TX, with her husband and their two boys. She unwittingly began her career by dancing on her high school drill team, high-kicking as a Kilgore College Rangerette and pom-dancing at the University of Texas. Her love of dance and heart for kids led her back to high school gyms where she directed her own dance/drill teams for nearly a decade. In 2005, this mompreneur created getpoms.com and has been couturing poms for dance teams ever since. Currently, she shares office space with Annie, a feisty chihuahua, who pesters her for another walk.