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Choosing your pom length


Baton handles are measured from the center out (6” length = 12” across). Top handles are measured from the handle to the end of strand (6" length = 6" down).

Length Options:

  • 4" - Small and sassy
  • 5" - Volleyball size
  • 6" - Standard size
  • 7" - Basketball size
  • 8" - Big and flowy
  • 10" to 15" - Limited styles for extra cost

Choosing your pom width


The difference between Crystal and Holographic


Storing your poms

The best storage is a cool, dry place in a mesh equipment bag (as opposed to an airtight plastic container). Airflow prevents them from having an odor. To prevent damage, avoid leaving them in hot places like a car or garage.


Benefits of American-made poms

Our high quality poms (and streamers) are made in the USA using safety-tested, non-toxic materials which are made to last. Because our pom materials are double-coated, they will not fade or chip.The durable solid plastic handles provide a secure hand grip to ensure our poms will not shed. As an added bonus, our die lots are standardized so your existing poms will match your future orders. Poms come partially fluffed by hand. You can fan the strands out even more for maximum fullness. However, if you would like them unfluffed for some reason, you may special order unfluffed poms. Click for Fluffing Directions 

Caring for wet poms

attimgAT&T Cotton Bowl Classic with teal and hot pink metallic poms 6” length x ¾” width

The colors are water-proof meaning they won’t fade. But, it’s best to keep them dry. However, if your poms get wet from rain accidentally, completely shake out the excess water and then lay them on a towel when you get home. Use a fan to speed up the drying process. Periodically, shake the strands to keep them from sticking together. Repeat until completely dry.

Free swatch booklets

If you are unsure of colors, you may request our free swatch booklets through our Get Free Swatches page. These are super helpful when matching poms to specific uniforms. To receive swatch booklets, you must be 18+ years, affiliated with a cheer or dance organization, and reside in the continental US. Overseas customers must pay a shipping fee. Sample poms are available for a one-piece price plus shipping by using our Order Sample page.

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